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Wardrobe Wisdom

Make the eye go up and down:
Always wear the same colour or print on the top and bottom,
whether it's the outside (as in jacket and pant) or inside (as in
blouse and skirt). You will look taller and slimmer!

Find the "connector" top for every bottom:
Having a blouse or top in the same colour as your skirt or pant will allow you to wear different jackets on top. For a more polished look, try a hankie of the same colour as the blouse in the breast pocket of the jacket.

A suit in a solid colour has great flexibility - it can be dressed up or down by changing the top worn inside:
The most elegant look is achieved when the blouse or top worn
inside is the same colour as the suit.
To dress the suit down a notch, use a different plain colour
blouse or top.
To dress it down further, use a print blouse or top.

To dress down a suit to casual, add a sweater or t-shirt.

Business casual needs a jacket:
A jacket says business. A sweater and pant look like weekend wear without it.

Buy 3 piece suits:
A jacket is the bigger investment and does not wear out as quickly as bottoms. Also, having both a skirt and pant gives your suit more versatility.

Two piece dresses are more versatile:
Separates easily move around in your wardrobe.